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VCI Paper

The VCI Paper can be made in different sizes, weights, and inhibitor types. It can be ordered in rolls, pre-cut, and with custom printing. The offered paper is typically a kraft material but can be reinforced with a poly layer or scrim like threads for additional protective properties. The Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor paper, is a kraft packaging paper manufactured with added VCI chemistry. VCI molecules protect metals from corrosion by forming a thin, invisible layer on the surface. The Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, paper emits molecules that settle on metal surfaces and form an invisible layer that protects from corrosion. It protects by interrupting the electrochemical corrosion process caused by moisture, oxygen and contaminants in the atmosphere. VCI Paper is very useful. 
Product Image (MINT001)

VCI Kraft Paper

Price: 26 INR/Square Meter

VCI Products

Product Image (MINT006)

VCI Crepe Paper Roll

Price: 52 INR/Square Meter

VCI Crepe Paper Roll

Product Image (09)

VCI Paper

Price: 26 INR/Square Meter
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Pulp Material:Wood Pulp
  • Material:Paper
  • Style:Virgin
  • Product Type:VCI Paper
  • Paper Type:VCI
  • Color:Brown
  • Pulp Type:Chemical Pulp

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